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Hi! You've no doubt found yourself on this web page because you would like to pre-register for our 9 AM August 22nd VE exam session in order to obtain an amateur radio license. If so, you've come to the right place. Pre-registration is required for this exam and it is limited to 20 candidates – the first 20 who pre-register.

If you haven't already done so, we also encourage our applicants to review our online FAQ page before taking the exams. This page addresses many of the questions our applicants typically have, from how we conduct exams, to what you need to bring with you, to how much it costs, and in general what you can expect on the big day. If you have questions, we request you check this site first before contacting us directly. You'll probably find the answer there. Our exam FAQ web page is located at:

But, right now you're here to pre-register, so let's get that out of the way: First, a word about our capcha ("I am not a robot!") line: This was added to prevent automated programs from creating bogus pre-registration entries, but it apparently confounds a lot of humans. Just follow the instructions in the pop-up window and you should be OK. For instance, suppose your callsign is K1ABC, your telephone is 614-555-1212, and your email address is If you are asked to enter the last two characters in your callsign ("BC"), the digits between the dashes in your phone number ("555"), and the first two characters in your email address ("me"), you'd enter "BC555me" (without the quotes and with no spaces) on the "I am not a robot!" line. It really isn't that hard.

Finally, we need to know whether you are already a licensed ham, so please select one of the options below:

By the way, these forms have been tested against recent versions of the Chrome browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, all with good results. Other browsers (or older versions of the above browsers) will likely also work, but may not give you the full complement of error checking that the mainline browsers provide.

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